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October 8, 2018

I have always considered my health with the food I put into my body, the non toxic products I use on my skin and around my home, but didn’t really think about the air I breathe as much. However, when we moved into our new house, I could smell the chemicals in the air. They were clearly Windex, Lysol, and Febreze users. These products are hugely toxic. They are the hormone disruptors, neurotoxins, carcinogens (AKA things proven to cause Cancer), and synthetics that cause allergic reactions and even birth defects. I had to clean up our air quickly, especially because we were bringing home our, then 2 month old, baby. So I did some digging, researching, and experimenting and believe I have narrowed down a solid list for you to follow to clean up your air in your home in a non-toxic way.

Before you think your air is squeaky clean, think about this fact. Our homes can be filled with over 500 different chemicals. And what’s worse, they get trapped inside our sealed up, insulated walls. It’s estimated that indoor air is 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air. There’s even a sickness coined “Toxic Home Syndrome” when your home literally makes you sick. So perhaps the last time you or a family member got sick, it could have been caused my your home! No good

The sad truth is that we can’t ignore our toxic environment. We have to be proactive in detoxing our homes.


1. Use natural, green cleaning products.

I am adamant about using non-toxic products throughout the home. If I can’t buy the product, I make it. However, I have found a line of green clean products that I LOVE and will never be without. I have attached $10 off to most of the links below. Some of them are so dirt cheap, you just pay for shipping when the promo code is applied.


2. Stop using dryer sheets. Wool Dryer Balls are an excellent, natural alternative.


3. Have a “No shoes in the house” policy. Shoes bring in the contaminants from outside and it’s best to keep them on the bottom of your shoes rather than trek them all over the floors.

We have a little sign outside our door to, “Please Remove Your Shoes” and a bamboo shoe rack right as our guests walk in.

4. If you dry clean your clothes, let them air out outside for a few hours before bringing them into the house.


5. Put Himalayan Salt Lamps in as many rooms as possible.

Salt Lamps can make a huge impact on the overall atmosphere of your home, lifting your mood, improving your concentration, helping with more restful sleep, and boosting even your energy by neutralizing positive ions and releasing negative ions into the air.

6. Use potted plants to help purify the air.

Get your green thumb on and start planting!!

7. Regularly vacuum your mattress and furniture.


8. Use natural personal care products .


9. Eliminate as many plastics as you can.


10. Turn your phone to airplane mode when you sleep, especially if it’s in the same room with you.


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