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June 25, 2019

Let’s be honest, most likely after having children, that weekly workout routine has gotten pushed off your priority list. Whether you are still healing from birth, back in the workplace fulltime, or are a seasoned parent that has found it nearly impossible to fit in that workout, this post is for you.

I get it. Nap times might not seem long enough. Sometimes by the time your child falls asleep, you just want to chill and not go to burpees. With one child or multiple, these following tips will help you reclaim those pockets of time with creativity and verve. You deserve to feel good in your body. You will be a better parent and your children will learn that prioritizing health is essential.

“If mom and dad spent most of their time sitting around watching TV, leading an inactive lifestyle,

kids did the same.”

               Tanner-Blasier, pediatric dietitian at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis



While you might not get an entire hour for your workout, you do have 15 min+ pockets of time throughout your day where you can squeeze in some fitness. Take advantage of short amounts of time that your children give you. If you have 15 minutes before you start prepping dinner, go pick up some dumbells and get in some reps. Maybe you just put your baby down for a nap, snag the baby monitor and go hop on the treadmill until you hear then wake up.

I personally love this dumbbell investment because its several dumbells in one and you can adjust your weight accordingly. I keep them in my living room. While Grant is sleeping, I snag these, do some hammer curls, and between sets, I rest by folding laundry- efficiently matters!!


Recently, I took my own advice and decided to join a gym. We have a home gym but there is something about leaving the house that gives my mind a great and makes my workouts more intentional. I highly recommend joining a gym with a daycare. In my case, the gym has cameras so you can literally check up on your child and see how/what they are doing.

When you add up the gym membership per month, its drastically cheaper than a sitter AND your child doesn’t have to be there all day. It can be for just a few hours where you get uninterrupted workout time and your child gets to interact with other children his/her age. It’s a win-win if you as me!


There are countless ways to be active with your family. Nearly every evening after dinner, we pack up the stroller with a blanket and waters and walk 15 min to our nearest park.  When we are at the park, we set Grant on a blanket, let our dog Bodhi run around, and we either play, do a few sprints, or pushups.

On weekends we have Sundays designated for either a hike or a little jog/walk in our Schwinn Joyrider. It’s simple, we either jog or hook it up to our bikes and head out the door.  When you exercise as a family, you lay the foundation for healthy habits for every member of your family. It allows for undivided attention, some of the sweetest moments, and a great way to get your baby tired while having fun.


While this one I do not practice because we co-sleep and Grant is a ninja knowing when I have snuck out of bed, I have heard from numerous clients of mine, that this is their only window to make working out happen.

It can be hard to be the first one up and maybe having to set your alarm for 5 am. But you can feel so accomplished later in the day when you know you got your workout in early and don’t have to worry about squeezing exercise into what’s left of your day.


Knowing that for my sanity I had to get to yoga at least once a week, Shane and I agreed upon every Saturday is my “yoga day”. He takes Grant all morning long which gives me the opportunity to take my time getting out the door, enjoy my yoga class, and come back home refreshed and connected. Because he gives me that time to express that part of myself, I give him 30 min after every workday to just relax and have uninterrupted “me time.” (Not just running into his office wondering when he is ready to help). #SAHWMproblems

Having trade off time with your partner allows you to fully give your partner what he/she needs while appreciating all that they do for the family. i.e Shane acknowledges all I do for us, our household, and Grant by allowing me to do yoga, while I appreciate Shane by giving him a breather after a hard days work.

If you are a single parent, find a neighbor or friend with children and tell them you would love to take turns watching the children one night a week or on weekends so that you both get exercise time.

I hope you enjoyed these tips. If you have any tips on how you stay fit as I parent, I would love to hear them. Don’t forget to follow me or reach out on IG!!- plantingseedsmamma. 

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